Fast Forward

The cover

What do you think of the cover?

Well the week has arrived and I must pack up my old kit bag and get myself to the city, forsooth! It is the week of the London Book Fair and I’m visiting on Tuesday and Wednesday along with thousands of others no doubt.

I have been to Earl’s Court quite a few times, both as an exhibitor and visitor, not at the Book Fair I hasten to add, this is a first. It is huge and not a particularly pleasant environment. As an exhibitor I seem to remember the air conditioning plays havoc with your skin and sinuses! Quite often you are too cold and the sea of faces and constant movement of people is very tiring so I don’t envy the participants. As a visitor a comfy pair of shoes is definitely a must and a lot of water to drink.

I have bought an iPad on eBay especially so I can show the pages of Androula’s Kitchen to prospective publishers. Such is my optimism that they will even have time to speak to a mere author! ha! The book designer, Andrew has been doing a great job of revamping my amateurish first attempts and the pages he has finished (about three quarters of the book)  are loaded in PDF format. I will have it fully charged and ready to flash at the least opportunity.Excuse me madam, you can’t do that in here. I now have to work up my charisma levels and project myself. (Oh Dear! do I have to?)


I will look on it as another new experience and just relax as much as possible because by relaxing I will be in a more receptive state for those nudges of intuition that help us throughout life in making the right choices…should we choose to listen!


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