Lemba College of Art

I’m surprised looking back over my posts of the last year that I haven’t written much about the Lemba College of Art.

After  a visit to Lemba Pottery, George mentioned the college and suggested I pay it a visit as it’s literally around the corner from the pottery. I was so glad he had mentioned it as it brought a big smile to my face. The first thing that smacks you in the eyes is a wall 20 metres long and up to 4 metres high in places, made up of many found objects and using a variety of styles and  creative techniques.

I stepped into the yard and this was also full of works, some using mosaics some metal and some traditional sculptures. Most of the work is done outside under the shade of  cover, there a some internal studios but these are very basic.

Stass Paraskos founded The Cyprus College of Art in 1969. A Cypriot artist, he trained in Britain and enjoyed a teaching career, which culminated at the Kent Institute of Art and Design where he became a senior lecturer in Fine Art as well as Head of Painting. He has exhibited all over the world and Tate Britain houses one of his paintings. Originally based in Ammochostos (Famagusta) the college came to rest in Lemba after the 1974 Turkish Invasion forced them to flee. Since 2007 its main campus has been in Larnaka where it is housed in a traditional townhouse.

The Lemba campus is used mainly for the summer school now and students come from all over the world to spend a few weeks in the Cypriot sunshine developing their creativity among other artists and art students. A tough life! The college has attracted many significant artists from around the world over the years.

The works scattered around the yard, some finished some abandoned half way, are testament to what a fertile imagination can produce.


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