Nordic Connections to the Bearded Goddess of Cyprus

I have recently been contacted, through the blog, by the archaeologist Marie-Louise Winbladh who was the  curator of the Cyprus Collections in Stockholm for 30 years. Apparently Sweden has the largest collection of Cypriot antiquities in the world, who would have guessed that?

She has written many books on Cyprus’ ancient history and a new one is due out shortly, “The Bearded Goddess”. Which is why she was drawn to my site. In search of photographs of the experimental Chalcolithic village built in 1982 just outside Lemba; she stumbled upon my site in much the same way as I stumbled upon the delightful recreation of these pre-historic buildings, I would imagine.

This spot is  an oasis surrounded by cooling pine trees. In the centre are some very funkily painted round houses and the beautifully elegant, nodding spikes of asphodel are  dotted all over the scrubby ground.

Marie Louise is including some of my photos in her new book which is very pleasing. She will be visiting Cyprus in March to promote the book and give a couple of lectures on Cyprus’ bearded goddess as well as androgynes and monsters in ancient Cyprus; sounds like a fascinating subject, I’m only sorry I won’t be there to hear it. This will take place in Limassol at the Amathus Beach Hotel  as part of a Nordic Trade Fair  on March 3rd and 4th

Books by Marie-Louise

Cyprus – a Cultural Melting Pot, Stockholm 1992. Swedish only.

The Cyprus Collections in Medelhavsmuseet, Stockholm 1994.

Ancient Cults in Cyprus, Stockholm 1995. Swedish only.

An Archaeological Adventure in Cyprus. The Swedish Cyprus Expedition 1927-1931, Stockholm 1997. Picture-book in English, Swedish and Greek.

Minoans and Mycenaeans in west Crete. The Greek-Swedish Excavations at Chaniá, Stockholm 2000. Swedish & English.

Crete. Myths and Food in the Minoan World, Stockholm 2004. Swedish only.

Cyprus: Love, cult and war, Lund 2011. Swedish only.


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