Where is your Christmas Spirit?

A friend recently asked “Where is the Christmas Spirit?”

I guess with so much gloom and disaster in the news it is hard even to think about Christmas without feeling an impending sense of doom. My remedy for this is to do without watching the news and limit myself to the headlines only because for sure the whole programme is filled with not only doom and gloom but e-x-p-a-n-d-i-n-g  ad infinitum on it. How much of this can anyone take without wanting to go out and shoot yourself ? If everyone is concentrating on all this gloom the energy of it is vibrating in the air and spreading the feeling like a nasty virus. Just don’t do it.

I have met several people this week who absolutely love Christmas and are really excited about it and I’m not talking children here. This made me think about why they would love it so much and I remembered when I was younger I used to love Christmas too. The reason to love Christmas is if you embrace the SPIRIT of it and by that I don’t mean in the shape of a bottle. I Love the giving as well as the receiving, in fact a lot more. Being with the ones you love. I always feel that the world stands still at Christmas time and thank goodness it is still one day in the year when nearly every shop is closed. Regardless of how materialistic the traders make it I don’t have to buy into that and I don’t feel pressurised into buying things that are not part of my idea of Christmas.

I love choosing those little gifts that are quirky and just what a friend or relative would love. I love wrapping them and buying interesting cards. I love all the lovely food associated with Christmas and making a lot of my favourite Christmas treats. I love the opportunity to enjoy a really good Christmas lunch that I’ve helped to cook and enjoy eating it with friends and family with some good drink followed by a game or two of cards or similar.

My parents always had a real tree at Christmas and my favourite time was Christmas Eve because that was when we dressed the tree and my mum would be making mince pies and sausage rolls in the kitchen so that the whole house had a lovely warm smell of baking. Christmas Eve  supper was almost as good as Christmas day lunch as we’d eat those sausage rolls with fresh cooked ham and pickled gherkins, olives and Stilton followed by those mince pies with a bit of fresh cream…as it’s Christmas.

I don’t have room for a real tree in my house, instead I enjoy picking greenery from the garden like the ivy with berries and the variegated  laurel mixed up with a bit of spruce and putting together a garland for the front door with some pretty ribbon and  the rest arranged in vases and so on in the house with a nice candle or two. Ahhhh I can feel that Christmas spirit creeping up on me…..

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