Finger licking good

I mentioned before that I belong to a community garden and we now have added hens to our patch. These are rescued from the  evil clutches …of the battery farm and seem very content in their new home  cluck cluck- a -chuck.

We have 8 hens to start with and a very organised rota of 24 people to take it in turns to look after them. Letting them out in the morning and feeding them and putting them away at night. They don’t seem to be laying too many eggs at the moment ‘though, maybe they think they deserve a holiday. But I have had one egg and it was delicious, so I look forward to gathering more. Of course this was a common thing in all rural communities to keep chickens both here and in Cyprus. Many of our members were born and lived in the countryside and have experience of being around hens. I was born in London… not a lot of hens where I lived, the only livestock in our garden was a cat and a tortoise.

But I am enjoying the experience so far and of course there is always one hen that has to be awkward when it’s time to go to bed and I found that hen on the first night, chasing it around the pen until it made a false move and hopped onto the coop in easy grabbing distance.

I remember when I spent some time living with my grandmother we were going to have chicken for dinner and my aunt grabbed the chicken to do the deed and crack snap that was that. I’m not sure I would be able to go that far but whose to say- if I was hungry I might. I do love roast chicken.

Chicken traditionally is eaten at the weekend in Cyprus, the most popular way is to boil it giving you a wonderful stock in which to  cook your pasta  to eat with your chicken meat and a little pile of yoghurt with some halloumi grated over it. Delicious.


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