A Cyprus Wedding

Weddings 2011

Image by The Style PA via Flickr

I haven’t posted for a while. I do try to post about once a week but I have been so pre-occupied that the time has just flown by without me noticing. You see, I’m off to a wedding in a couple of weeks time, in Cyprus and I hadn’t got a thing to wear. There are going to be two receptions a week apart in different parts of the island  so of course two lots of clothes, what’s a girl to do!!!

A daughter of one of my cousin’s is getting married in September and  I have always wanted to attend a family wedding in Cyprus so when I received my invite I thought it would be an ideal time to go. I am told it’s going to be a big affair with a lot of guests, the bride is an only daughter so of course the parents will want to make it as wonderful as possible for her and the parents are both well-respected members of the community with a very wide circle of friends.

Weddings in Cyprus traditionally would involve the whole village or community. The bride and groom would be accompanied through the street by them with a fiddler serenading as they processed.  After the ceremony in the church a meal of mammoth proportions would have been prepared  for everyone involving usually a mountain of souvla,  either sheep or goat meat cooked over charcoal, trestle tables would be lined up in rows and on each table a bottle of brandy and wine. On arrival the happy couple greet the  guests and the traditional congratulations given and often a small sweet biscuit or sugared almonds received by the guests to take away. After  the guests have collected their plate of food and eaten, the bride and groom would take to the floor and dance to the village band and one by one the guests will approach the couple and pin money on the bride’s dress. Then the party would get started and the men would do their macho dance, slapping their thighs, squatting down and jumping up, arms in the air and woopah! till the dawn. The girls and women sedately dancing together in a line.

This format is not so common now especially in towns, weddings are usually smaller affairs and more sedate  but elements remain and after I have been to one I will know more. Apart from anything else it will be a rare opportunity for me to meet many relatives I haven’t seen for a very long time as well as meet some for the first time.

So it’s back to the sewing machine for me.


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