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I recently joined a community garden in the village where I live which unlike its name suggests doesn’t grow flowers but is given over to growing all kinds of fruit and veg. I don’t consider myself a skilful gardener at all, I’m a sort of common sense gardener. My dad had an allotment for many years and he was always after some help usually to do weeding  and I was very reluctant to venture down there. But when I did I was always enthralled as on a small plot he seemed to grow everything. Typical Cypriot style.  He had all kinds of soft fruits and strawberries as well as sweetcorn, potatoes, cauliflower, cabbage and so on. In his greenhouse he grew tomatoes and peppers, cucumbers and aubergines. In true allotment style the shed was made of discarded  doors and windows and the same with the cold frame.

Our community garden on the other hand seems more sedate, but the shed is an old railway carriage so quite traditional. We have a very large poly-tunnel in which there is a jungle of tomatoes and cucumbers reaching for the sky at the moment as well as peppers both green and red and some dinky little aubergines. It’s a pleasant place to be when it’s windy outside.

Today I planted out my first lot of leeks. I love leeks and have not got the space in my garden to grow them so I was delighted to see someone had sown the leek seeds in March and now they are ready to plant on. Some were fairly large already and the roots had all tangled together. I managed to untangle them by gently pulling them apart; they reminded me of a young girl’s long hair after washing. I had prepared myself  by checking out Monty Don’s very helpful video on how to plant out leeks. So I raked over the soil to get rid of the stones and dib dib dibbed with my dibber . The rows were a bit wonky at first but I improved. Now all I hope is they will thrive otherwise that will be my head on the block…..

I have got some lovely courgettes growing in my front garden this year. You might think that’s an odd place to put them but it is the only place I have space and it gets the sun nearly all day so they love it. Courgettes are also very decorative  with their huge fan like leaves  and magnificent yellow cup flowers. They taste delicious as well.


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