Garden of Delights

I feel  complete content standing in my garden, the sun shining and  the breeze  rustling the leaves and flowers, the birds singing. April and May are my perfect months in my garden as all the blooming happens then. The daffodils

of course are first up in March or sometimes even February, bringing that lovely cheerful golden yellow to cheer us on after  barren, dark months of winter, promising life and light to come along with the hellibore bearing the soothing pale lime green floral abundance.  Hiding beneath this green glory are the shyer pale purple and green ones, their heads always bent in modesty but when you lift up their heads their perfect beauty takes your breath away.. In January looking out of the window at the brown earth and naked twigs and branches, it is hard to believe that in a brief two or three months a dense mass of varying shades of green will take its place.

Sweet cicely is first, it seems overnight its ferny mass shoots up and fans of delicate cream flowers stand tall amongst it’s green frothy cushion. The ornamental cherry then puts on a magnificent show of dark pink blossoms that makes your heart sing for joy at its beauty.  The day lily leaves all shoot up like arrows along with the flag iris; every year these promise to put on a good show of flowers the buds thickening and bulging under their fine wrapper of petal, I wait in anticipation for the first flower to throw off its cover in a dah dah moment, and then, overnight, the dreaded slug strikes biting into the stem just under the buds, leaving them with no channel of nourishment. This year however, as the weather has been exceptionally dry the pesky slugs and snails have retreated to moister climes and the flags are flying in their purple glory.

The aquilegia flowers  shoot up from their clover like leaves, white, aubergine, purple, blues and pinks every one different ,my favourite has a white ruff around a blue base and nods like a lantern.  One day I’m watching the peony break through the earth alongside the spear shaped heads of the Solomon seal, ten days later the peony buds are opening to reveal their voluptuous cerise lushness, soon to be blowsy, the green edged trumpet flowers of the Solomon seal neatly arranged in pairs along their delicate stems , nodding gently over them, with a mass of lime green euphorbia flowers spread underneath.

Everything is in a rush to show off its finery, each one vying for your attention, look at me, over here, the bees having a feast. Even without the rain everything is lush and cool. Yet to come are the burning orange of the day lily, the wonderful scents of honeysuckle, jasmine and apothecary rose and the jolly yellow saucer shaped flowers of hypericum not forgetting the calming scent and soothing blue of lavender. Such a garden of delights.

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