The Streets of Paris

I enjoyed making the book Androula’s Kitchen so much that I have got the bug. So when I went to Paris Last week for a few days break I made sure I took a lot of photos so that I could make a short photo book with them. There is something very satisfying about editing and choosing photos and placing them in a book.

Paris is a city that presents the amateur photographer ample opportunity to take photographs that can’t help but look artistic. Every turn and  every corner you are given buildings, people and views that just speak of chic, street chic.

I saw so many snappily dressed young men, not in scruffy jeans hanging round there nether regions looking as if given the least opportunity they will fall around their ankles and are only hanging on by sheer strength of will.No these young men wore stylish casual trousers and  snazzy shoes with  non matching but well cut jackets in interesting looking fabrics, finished off with  jaunty scarves. How refreshing. I feel sometimes walking around London that it is inhabited by people with absolutely no interest in clothes. It’s not even about fashion it’s about an interest in colour and texture and variety. So much drabness becomes depressing in large numbers.

Some of my personal passions are texture and colour and in this modern contemporary world I sometimes despair at the limited selection of colours and designs we are offered in high street fashion. There is so much grey, black and taupe I could scream ahhhhhhhhh! What happened to turquoise, blue and all the shades in between, dark reds and burnt oranges and purple? The colours in nature are so infinite and varied I puzzle at the lack of desire to translate these subtleties into fabrics. And what about shoes???? Of course if you have the money all these colours and every richness of texture is available to you and if I ever make the kind of money that would enable me to have this choice I would cherish the opportunity to explore the design workshops of unknown individual designers. We have a huge amount of design talent out there and I get to glimpse the creations occasionally just as an observer. But one day maybe………

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