Burnout-networking overload

‘Laid Back’ batik painting by Sonia Demetriou

I’ve just spent two weeks trying to understand how to connect up the dots on internet networking. There are so many possibilities my brain hurts trying to work out my best use of it all. if you have a product these days social networking on the internet is the fastest way to get to your public…so the gurus tell us. And a book is a product that needs exposure like any other. So I have been researching ways I can spread the word about Androula’s Kichen when it gets published.

But like everything else on the internet it eats up my time like a voracious beastie.

I received my first lot of information on using Facebook and Linkedin to get a profile  from Crowd Conversion, check them out on their Facebook page. Robert Grant is a social media marketing manager and has worked out startegies to get exposure viraly and he is one smart cookie. I have reached the Autumn of my life, although I don’t think of myself as in that season, I feel more like the summer( ahumph)  so computers and the internet came late in my life and I have quite astonished myself at the way I have become adept at using them. Not only that I actually enjoy using them, but I used to say that computers were boring and that the internet was a way to waste time….well I was half right.

I have listened to a lot of information and I have found that if ever I feel overwhelmed with it the best thing is to take a step back and allow it to sink in gradually, over a few days bits will filter to the surface and they are the little gems , the pearls of wisdom that I can use .So it’s time to percolate….


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