What’s in a name.

Where do the ideas for book titles come from? The title of “Androula’s Kitchen” just popped into my head without me even thinking about it, how does that happen? I wasn’t even consciously trying to think of a title, I had only just had the idea for the book, when fully formed there it was… pop. It seems to me the best ideas come like this, apparently plucked from the ether. Even titles for blogs seem to just appear out of nowhere.

When I’m trying to remember something, a name or word that just won’t come when I concentrate, if I just switch my mind to something else the answer will, eventually, miraculously, come to me later, it just pops into my head. It’s like my brain has this intricate filing system and once I’ve set the mechanics in motion it will go on checking all those files in my memory until the right one is found. Sometimes it takes days other times just minutes. This process always delights and amazes me. I say logically it’s going to take longer to access certain items, there’s more to sift through.  As I get older, there is more and more information stored in my memory, both rubbish and non rubbish.

I have heard stories many times about authors and composers waking up in the middle of the night with fully fledged plot lines or compositions and unless they write them down then and there they have disappeared by morning. The best ideas and inventions, apparently, seem to come when the mind is abstracted, daydreaming or night dreaming. disengaged from conscious thought. So where do these ideas come from I find this an intriguing question? Are they perhaps buried in the subconscious just waiting to bubble to the surface? Or, as I would like to think, picked up from the airwaves, much as a radio might do, we sort of tune in without even knowing it to a zillion bits of information and ideas floating around at any one time. Thought is energy after all.  This would explain why, very often, at the same time around the world scientists or inventors will have the same idea at the same time and start working on it and when ready to announce it to the world, there is like an avalanche of similar ideas coming out at the same time.

I went in search of a video on the TED site on this theme and found this cleverly illustrated talk by Steven Johnson on the topic of creation and invention. Steven Johnson sums up with this very relevant phrase:

‘Chance favours the connected mind’.

Here’s the link 


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